Invest in the stock market

Trading shares is easy

By using the internet it is easy to trade shares yourself. For the beginner it is better to make use of a broker when trading shares because their advice can be of great value to you.

If you want to trade shares on your own you can use one of the following respected broker firms who both have excellent online systems, offers good professional advice and have fair brokerage fees:

StandardBank - They offer a wealth of information in their online trading web site. Their brokerage fees are low and the service excellent. Click here


PSG-Online - Another well known share broker. Their online system is easy to use. Their brokerage fee is almost R30 per trade more expensive than Standard Bank and if you want the extra information you need to pay extra. Click here

Sharenet - I have not used Sharenet's system yet and cannot comment on that. I do use their web site for the news and indicators. Click here

Share trading is not very everyone and some people will loose a lot of money on the shares market. My philosophy is that one would not know if you do not try.

If you do want to invest in shares but you lack the risk appetite, experience or initial capital you can also have a look at the Satrix 40. Some of us wants to trade share in order to grow our portfolio, but if you look at something like SATRIX you will see that they have grown by more than 28% per annum for the past 3 years. So instead of buying and selling you can just by shares in SATRIX and enjoy the growth. Satrix buys shares in the top 40 South African companies with your money.

It is much cheaper to buy directly from SATRIX instead of buying through broker and the other big advantage is that there are no monthly admin fee to keep your shares as with a broker. See for details

Please note that I do not attempt to give you any financial advice on this web site.
All I do is to share my knowledge and experience with you. What you do with that knowledge is all up to you.



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