Invest in the stock market

You want to invest in shares but do not know where to begin!

You have always wanted to invest in shares because you heard people saying that you can make a fortune doing so. You do not know where to begin or what to do.

Becoming a share investor is much easier today than ten years ago. Today just about anybody can become an investor, with or without the knowledge to do so.


For those who do not have the skills or the knowledge, there are companies like Strat Equity. With Strat Equity you can subscribe to their wealth creator subscription plan. This plan will enable you to invest a small amount each month into a trust account. Every three months they will buy you shares in one of the companies they selected. This method reduces your risk as your accumulated funds will be paid out to you every three months in for form of a share certificate (nowadays it is a letter confirming your ownership of the shares since all shares are now stored electronically)

For more details go to . is the web site of one of the independent marketers of the Strat Equity product.

Even places like Standard Bank now offers an option to their clients where you can sign a debit order for R500 per month and then they will buy you shares each month.

Some years ago I tried to make money from shares. I failed to make money because I was not ready for it. I did not understand money yet and I did not understand the full picture of creating wealth through shares.

Eight years ago I only saw the buy and sell option. I was doing this on a short term basis because I wanted to earn a quick buck.

Today I realize that the healthy dividends some companies offer is worth more to me than the short term gains from buying and selling shares. I still do trade shares on a short term basis to make some profit. But now I use that profit to buy shares which can offer a good dividend. This dividend is a passive income. This is the type of income that can be paid to you for years on end, even if you stopped working.

If you want to trade your own shares I would recommend PSG and Standard Bank. I am using both their platforms. I find that the Standard bank offers the most information and tools. 

I started off with PSG 8 years ago but lately switched to Standard Bank because their brokerage fee is much lower, you get much more information and tools included in your monthly fee, you get a lot of free share courses to attend and it is very easy a quick to transfer money from my Standard Bank cheque account to my share account and back.

I bought ShareTrackin software a while ago which I do not think was a good buy at all. Most of the information and recommendations you get as part of the package you can get inside the Standard Bank online trading platform as part of your service.

Before you buy any share tracking software or pay thousands for any share courses, you can try the Standard bank service first. If you do not get what you need there, then you can spend more money by paying others for a course or software. See . (Gee Wiz, if anybody knows how I can get Standard Bank to pay me for that brilliant line, please let me know, I should get paid for this)

I love PSG's Stock Picker service which sends you recommendations on shares. Click here for details PSG can do it all for you. They can help you with an online trading account. If you prefer a real broker, they can help you with that. They offer excellent advice and help. I see them as a one stop solution.

Please note that I do not attempt to give you any financial advice on this web site.
All I do is to share my knowledge and experience with you. What you do with that knowledge is all up to you.