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JSE course - learn how to invest on the JSE

There are many companies offering JSE share trading courses. The problem is that some of these companies make more money from their courses than from trading shares. If you cannot make a success trading shares on the JSE, how can you teach others to do so.

Be careful to pay thousands of rands for a share trading course.

Some online broker companies like Standard Bank offers free share trading courses if you use their online trading service. I would suggest that you sign up for their service and attend a couple of the free courses first. It will cost you something like R70.00 per month, it is better than paying R4,000 for one course.

If you then find that share trading is for you and you need a more detailed share trading course, only then you go out and pay somebody big money to attend their course. There are similarities and differences between share trading to when you say buy gold or sell other commodities. If you do have a even a basic background in trading then there is a high chance you will enjoy share trading.

One of the courses for which you have to pay for which I can recommend is the Sharenet course. They are one of those companies who do NOT only make their money from courses, thus I tend to trust them more.

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TIP: If you are new to investing I strongly suggest that you read the book
"The Warren Buffet Way" first. It will give you a unique perspective on investing. I am sure you will learn something by looking at the way the Richest man in the world did it. You can get it at


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